• Particle formation, synthesis, processing, modification (agglomeration, coating, attrition, compaction) and characterization
  • Contact mechanics of particle interaction, particle adhesion and cohesion
  • Application/potential of mathematical operators and analytical/numerical solution techniques to model engineering systems involving particle mechanics
  • Bulk solids technology – storing, processing, conveying: belt, slurry, pneumatic conveying etc, hoppers and silos, crushing, segregation
  • Aerosol and electro-sprays
  • Dust hazards: explosion, suppression, extraction and prevention
  • Interactions between particles and environment, effect on human health, industrial hygiene and workplace safety
  • Fluidization: fluidized bed combustion, reactors and dryers
  • Modelling and simulation techniques applied to all of the above, including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Discrete Element Methods (DEM), imaging of particle and bulk flow